“Woodland Management Services have managed the mixed woodlands on this estate since 1989, during which time they have carried out many operations in a satisfactory and effective manner; felling, replanting, new planting, woodland improvement, hedgerow planting, landscape planting, tree surgery work. Always able to provide an efficient and effective service using local resources and great ability to work carefully in association with other estate interests and requirements”.

Dermot Jenkinson

Kames Estate, Berwickshire



“Woodland Management Services have been associated with woodland developments on Deuchrie Farm since 1993. Recent extensive programmes of work have included; commercial woodland establishment, native woodland expansion and improvement, livestock exclusion programme and more recently large-scale native woodland creation and follow-on maintenance within an S.S.S.I.. Excellent ability to secure strong grant aid and good permanent labour force capable of carrying out all work in a responsible and effective manner. A very good knowledge of native woodland structure, improvement and management beyond simple grant aid requirements”.

Simon Rettie




“Woodland Management Services have successfully sourced and acquired 3 areas of commercial investment woodland for me over the last 11 years.

All areas were in a neglected condition upon purchase, but Woodland Management Services have been able to identify development and improvement opportunities which they have realised in a creative, effective and organised manner to maximise benefit throughout.

Excellent knowledge and ability to secure maximum benefits from woodland investments in accordance with sound forestry practice. It is Finlay Mitchell’s ability to carefully and responsibly introduce me to the forest investment industry which I have appreciated most”.

Ian Murgitroyd


Extensive Native Woodland Creation


“We engaged Woodland Management Services in 2014 to review recent planting and early maintenance of an extensive (250ha) native woodland project in South West Scotland.

They offered valuable, independent, practical and informed comments on poor early establishment. They were then able to take on the establishment process carrying out work to a high standard on a very difficult and extensive site, resulting in improved condition and successful establishment throughout.

A good team able to carry out work on an extensive and very difficult site to a high standard in accordance with clear prescriptions and budgets. A good team on the ground working under strong, experienced, practical management”.

Family Trust Woodlands




“Since we brought in Woodland Management Services to take over the management of Spottiswoode Forest in 2009, we have noticed a considerable improvement in the overall condition and potential of our extensive woodland investment.

This organisation has carried out a number of felling and restocking operations in a most successful manner, the have tackled very difficult scrub clearance within neglected commercial conifer areas, prepared a Long-Term Forest Plan, assisted public access in a responsible manner and generally improved the overall nature of this investment. Clear proposals, good budgets, excellent sourcing of grant aid and associated income with good public relations”.

Lord Sanderson of Bowden