Current Projects

Saline Hill, Fife

Deer fencing (4000m), sub-soiling and hinge mounding (20ha), planting native broadleaves (15ha) and productive broadleaves (10ha). Careful attention to choice of species and seed origin enabling a combination of sensitive mixed broadleaves capable of producing worthwhile timber in an effective manner. Improvement of path network and community involvement.

Deuchrie Farm, East Lothian

Creating 75ha native Oak woodland complex on sensitive sites within S.S.S.I. 20ha new planting, stock exclusion, stock fencing, management of existing mature Oak woodland, management and improvement of wetland areas, collection of acorns for production of nursery stock, open ground and riparian management.

Newton Wood, Moffat

Ensuring the successful establishment of 240ha of native woodland on very difficult, steep, dry upland site. Over a period of 4 years we have successfully restored project which we took over in a neglected, depleted and inadequate condition. Very favourable comments on this project following inspection by RSFS during May 2018. On-going maintenance to ensure continued satisfactory growth and development. Careful monitoring of extensive areas of Ash to assess spread of Ash Dieback. RSFS monitor wood.

Blackburn Farm, Berwickshire

Extensive timber harvesting, whole tree harvesting, brash harvesting, extraction and chipping. Stump removal, snipping, drying, chipping and marketing. Followed by extensive native woodland restoration on a sensitive site during autumn 2018. Two badger setts, difficult access, terrible weather providing plenty of management challenges during early part of the programme. Now going well and all will be finished in a successful manner in accordance with programme.

Spottiswoode Forest

We have recently completed a for Spottiswoode Wood Forest (200ha) of mid rotation conifers. Recent work has included the treatment of aggressive Rhododendron invasion and general management around riparian margin of Spottiswoode Loch, sensitive thinning of natural regeneration, felling of poor unsuitable pole stage Douglas Fir replacing with appropriate vigorous Sitka Spruce (10ha), managing unauthorised access and assisting use by school for outdoor activities and enabling public access for walking, dog walking and horse riding.


Timber Markets

the last 6 months have seen a frenzy of activity in the Scottish timber markets, with standing and roadside prices continuing to reach new highs. Demand continues to spread across all sectors, resulting in excellent returns for all categories presented to the market in a responsible and appropriate manner. Conditions for harvesting in the forest have been excellent over recent summer months, with most machines working at full capacity and the local haulier resource is severely stretched. It does appear there will continue to be excellent opportunities for successful and profitable marketing throughout the next few months, as users seek to source winter supplies. The global demand for timber continues to rise and competition for supplies is still driving prices upwards, as demand continues to outstrip available supplies.

Grant Aid

Excellent grant aid available for woodland creation and management under the Forestry Grant Scheme, with additional payments under CSGN where appropriate and continuing receipt of Annual Payments under the Basic Payment Scheme.

Nursery Stock

With a considerable increase in planting proposed for the 2018/’19 season, many species are now in short supply, particularly for native broadleaf schemes where seed origin is required. We have considerable quantities reserved, but it does look as if the supply chain will become very difficult towards the end of 2018.

Christmas Trees

Careful management of Christmas Tree crop essential this year due to dry, hot, conditions resulting in a build-up of Aphid populations. Expected over-supply of trees in 2+ years, so attention to detail required to produce trees of best possible quality for cutting when required during December, and not before.

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