Managed by Finlay Mitchell, one of the most experienced and respected independent commercial private woodland managers in the UK and supported by a full-time local labour force, we provide the complete integrated forestry service in an informed, effective and helpful manner ranging from small farm woodlands and hedges, through to mixed estates and large investment portfolios.


Finlay Mitchell graduated from Bangor University with a B.Sc. in Forestry 1976 and has managed private woodlands throughout Scotland and the north of England ever since. With experience in woodland management from Caithness to Coldstream and Stranraer to St Abbs he has faced most of the challenges associated with woodland creation, development and timber harvesting throughout Scotland.


A passionate believer of effective establishment in accordance with traditional forestry practice and silviculture to ensure responsible development of worthwhile woodlands, which is supported by an outstanding portfolio of successfully completed projects and an extensive and diverse client list. With experience gained he is now regularly called on to correct problems associated with inexperienced design and establishment, which can result in costly grant aid repayments.
As a woodland owner himself, Finlay is aware of all development opportunities along with all problems and difficulties associated with woodland ownership.